Ben from, Kentucky - Omnidirectioanl Mono Microphone
I just tested the mono mic you sent me on the computer. You might want to add to your page that the mono mics make EXCELLENT PC mics, especially for Internet / telephone applications such as I just called my mom in NY using dialpad talking through your mono mic and the mic pickup my voice with great clarity. It is way better than the Creative Labs mic I got with my Sound Blaster Live that I had. Definitely mention that the mono mic works great for Internet / telephone stuff. 

Monte - Mono Cardioid Microphone

I purchase a mono cardioid microphone for internet usage and it works great.
It is lightweight and unobtrusive.  Recommend it to everyone that demands
quality and best of all made in USA.

Monte Asche


Chris, a PodCaster - Omni Stereo mic

Hi Darren,

A few months ago I received the Omni Stereo Mic that I ordered from you and it's the main microphone for my podcast, Bad Metaphor. I had read about your microphones and decided to try out the Omni Stereo because I need to record my son and myself for the podcast. I thought that I could use my miniDisc recorder and record in stereo with one microphone on my and one on my cohost. Then I wouldn't treat the recording as stereo, but as a two-channel recording and I could position each person when I edited the show. It worked perfectly and it's the main microphone that we use for the podcast. Thanks for your craftsmanship and attention to detail. You've made it so much easier to do the podcast.

Chris Campbell
Producer / Cohost - Bad Metaphor


Vin, a Wedding Videographer from Colchester, Connecticut - Omni Mono mic

Hey Darren--
  Been using your GiantSquids in my wedding vid business for the last year and a half and they've survived the abuse of drunk grooms, best men, priests and JPs...they've also outlasted my Azden lav...oh yeah, they sound great, too!  Just received another two in the mail today...thanks for making a quality mic for an excellent price.  I'll be back!


Jennifer a Wedding Videographer - Omni Mono mic

Hi Darren,

I wanted to personally let you know how happy we are with our recent purchase of 3 Iriver Omni Mono Microphones.  We used them for the first time with a wedding we we booked through a recommendation from a former producer of the TLC Show "A Wedding Story", so needless to say there was quite a bit of pressure to pull off a flawless shoot.  One thing that we did not worry about for a second was the audio.  When I got home I rushed to my computer and loaded the audio from my iRiver mics, and was blown away by the quality I was hearing.  It sounded great, and you've helped to keep our reputation in tact for this wedding and many to come.

Again, thank you so much for a fantastic product, and we're so glad we found you!!  We wish you nothing but the best for the future and we can't wait to use our mics again!!

Best Wishes,
Jennifer Boys
Co-Owner, Fairytale Productions



Ken from Lincoln Park, MI - Iriver Mono mic

Hi Darren,
 The mics arrived today and work perfectly. I'm very happy with the quality of your work and product. I'm sure they will add quite a bit to the audio quality of our wedding videos. Hope you can get more of the right angle plugs, because I'm sure you will sell many more of the mics with those plugs. They really make the Irivers a sleek package and fit nicely in the grooms pocket without fear of bending or breaking a straight plug. Thanks again for your extra work and staying up late to get the job done for us.
Heres hoping your businees continues to grow,


Blaze, lead guitarist for Erin Harkes and the Rebound, Albany, NY - Stereo Omni Mics

Darren, got the mic today - thank you so much - Jeez Louise!!! - it far exceeds my expectations - you're design is brilliant and light years ahead of all other stereo recording mic's I looked at and ALL of them cost MUCH more and can't compare spec-wise....I will spread the word far and wide, especially to all my musician friends, that there is no better mic for live remote recording, period, end of story. Stop looking people - Darren has the solution!
I am using it with my Boss microbr recorder which supports plugin power - astounding clarity and stereo separation and full frequency response - I checked for phasing problems, etc. by collapsing tracks to mono but everything is rock solid.
Darren, consider me an evangelist and feel free to quote me on your site!
Blaze, lead guitarist for Erin Harkes and the Rebound, Albany, NY
peace brother!!!
Thank you thank you thank you!!!!


Symon from San Francisco, CA - Oak Mini Stereo Microphone

Hey, Darren:

Just wanted to let you know that I got the microphone and this thing totally ROCKS!  I am running it into a Sony MD Walkman (minidisk recorder). I used it on Thursday to record a lecture for school and last night I slipped the rig into my jacket pocket and secretly recorded a band in a local bar. 

The sound was truly amazing in both cases, totally usable (and the best part was not having to deal with a cord, like with my ECM-909A - a great mic but clumsy to use on the road due to the cord and batteries, etc).

Thanks again!  I will be recommending your microphone to my friends.


From Darren, an Iriver user

I don't usually do this, but I wanted to praise you a little bit for a great product!  I haven't yet had the chance to record a live band, but I work for an airline as an avionics tech and did some testing at my place of work.  I got some great audio of an L1011 taxiing up to the hangar.  I input it into an mp3 encoder/ player made by Samsung, and wanted to see how well it did with very loud sound.  It sounds like being there (only no earplugs required)! 
Thanks, and well wishes.


BIG John, a professional radio reporter in Phoenix, AZ - Stereo Omnidirectional Microphone

Just want to let you know that I'm using the stereo powered microphones I purchased from you with a Sharp MD recorder.

In the few times I have done interviews on the air (an FM station), they have performed above expectations. In fact, these little guys sound as good and clean as the Shure SM7 we actually use in the studio.

A very good product for working in the field. They have wonderful gain too.

BIG John
Globe/Phoenix, AZ


Mark from the US - Cardioid Stereo Microphone

I have had great success using these GSA Cardioids.

I and others have been truly amazed at the sound quality these tiny wonders provide.  I have recorded some Derek Trucks Band shows using the Line-In on my new Sharp DR7.

Thank you for the great customer service and the excellent quality products.  I have recommended your line several times since purchasing these last November 2003.  Thanks again.


Andy P., UK - Giant Squid Omnidirectional Powered Stereo Microphone

Great item at a very reasonable price, a very good quality recording without having to pay hundreds of dollars.  I am very pleased and advise others to order.


Pete, Cleveland, Ohio - Cardioid Omnidirectional Powered Stereo Microphone

Good news.  This was my first time using my new Squid battery powered stereo mics for a high profile concert, and the hour's worth of performance I captured sounds phenomenal.  

I don't think anyone could have scored a better quality recording of it, and even anything straight off their board might have a shitty mix.  

I set the squids into the line in of my Sony MZ-R700 MD recorder with auto record level.  I figured Simon and Garfunkel aren't exactly as loud as, say Rush, so it was a guess.  It paid off, because everything is crystal clear, no overpowering low end bass, and only trace peripheral noise (claps, etc) between numbers.

 I can't use enough superlative language to describe my pleasure with the mics.  Just great.  If I were wealthier, I'd stock up for future band practices and concert night outs.  

Here's a quote you can use:  Anyone who records and swaps concerts should invest in a pair of Giant Squids.  If you're going to chance bringing gear past a security checkpoint, you owe it to yourself and the artist to make sure what you're recording sounds good, amateur job or not.  Get some of these mics.  There's nothing amateur about the sound if you aim 'em right.  I damn near shit when I heard what I'd captured.  Thanks again.


Irving, Chicago, IL -  Omnidirectional Stereo Powered Microphone

I bought mics and a battery box from you over ebay a year and a half ago. I use them with my MD recorder to record live shows at bars and small clubs in Chicago. I've been very happy with the recordings. They sound great, and I remain pleasantly surprised at the sound quality I get with the set up.

I think the bass roll off really helps a lot. I'm also really happy with the build quality. The clips remain strong, the connections are tight, and they've survived being sweat on in a bar for hours on end, not to mention the near constant rattling around. Thanks for a really good product.



Rodney C., Toronto, Canada - OmnidirectionalMono Microphone

HOLY CRAP! Haha.  I just got the mic today in the mail. It was packaged just great, kept the mic in perfect condition. When I took it out, it looked great and then I tried it and it was wonderful!!

I can only say WOW! This was the best money I have spent so far on the net I think besides my MD player!! 

I wanted to test out the mic with a challenge right away. I have two guinea pigs in my basement and turned on my mic from upstairs. It could actually pick up their squealing!! My goodness, couldn't believe it totally, brought it into class picked up everything just wonderfully. I even picked up a little bit of a conversation outside around the water fountain. 

Wow, thanks so very much for the m ic, you don't know how much energy this will save me for listening in class haha!

I just want to say thanks so much again, keep up the good work and of course take the best of care  :)

Rodney C.


Jon, - Omnidirectional Stereo Powered Microphone

Those are some pretty awesome mics.  The recording came out great, especially of the jazz concert in Boston. 

I was amazed with the clarity and the wide range that the mics have. 

Thanks a lot and I'm sure I will recommend you if I ever here that someone needs some awesome mics. 

It worked well in the line in also since the concert was pretty loud and we were up pretty close.  I think even on the lowest setting on the Mic In and it could have clipped a few times (but did not).  I'm just in the process of transfering the show into my computer. 

Thanks again,



Bill - Omnidirectional Mono Microphone

...As for the mike itself, IT IS GREAT!  I tried it today, connecting it up to a Dictaphone digital recorder.  I love the sound quality.


Daniel, Austrailia - Stereo Omnidirectional Microphone

Thanks for the quick response and advice. I got the Stereo Microphone from you as I was a bit disappointed from the crap $20 I previously had.

Basically, I used the mike for a few concerts here and there but most for recording when I go sightseeing or take a tour (I'm an Aussie heading back home soon after 18 months abroad). I'm very impressed with the quality of the mike you sold me :) 


David - Powered Omnidirectional Stereo Microphone

Hey darren,

I had purchased your powered stereo mics.  I just wanted to quickly commend you on an excellent product.

I used them to record a show, and it was my first attempt to ever do something like that, and the mics made me look good!! 

Not only did they produce an incredible sound, but the durability was phenomenal!!  People were tugging me and pushing me, but the mics never came unclipped and the wires never pulled from the unit! 

The sleekness of the unit is very convenient as well.  My friends were amazed when I showed myself "wired up" but 100% concealed and unnoticeable.  The mics also produce crazy good acoustic home recordings!!

Thank you very much for the product.  The price for such an excellent mic is awesome.  I've recommended your product to many people, whom were all just as amazed as I was at the quality.


Dave / Gillign


Brent S., a drummer from Tennessee - Stereo Omnidirectional Microphones

Hello Darren,
Just wanted to let you know I received the OmnidirectionalStereo Microphones the other day. These are great!

I've been recording my drum practices on my Mini Disc recorder and the fidelity is nothing short of amazing. I was blown away by the clarity and definition that the Binaural Stereo Microphones are able to capture.

I truly appreciate your providing a high quality, low expense means for capturing live sound exceptionally well.

Thanks Again.

Brent S.


Christopher, - Omnidirectional Stereo Microphone

Oh, my God. Darren I just got the mic set. It's "the bomb" and worth the wait. Much better than the Audio Technica stereo mic is bought a few months ago. Did you design it?
Expect positive feedback.



John - Cardioid Battery Powered Microphone.

I'm just writing to say thanks for selling such awesome mics.  I have been recording my band, and even with just the 2 mics it sounds incredible. I have even gotten compliments from professional recorders. They are very surprised when I tell them my mic was just $80, obviously. thanks a lot, im very very impressed with your work.


Andrea from Italy on the Omnidirectional Stereo Mic

I have a Omnidirectional Stereo Microphone that I used with a creative jb3 to rec a concert in a palasport.

The audio in this place is very bad, but with this microphone the sound of my registration has been very good.

I have even gotten compliments from professional recorders.  Not more $ for this mic but big satisfaction!