Giant Squid Audio Lab is an audio business that has been founded by myself, Darren Nemeth

In the past I have been employed in various highly skilled technical fields.  Among them were Aerospace technology testing, concert venue equipment set up, and technical surveying for the Saginaw County Road Commission.  In 1994 I ran for Saginaw City Council and presently have an appointed seat on a city committee.

A long time audio collector I noticed almost at the moment that I first logged on to the Internet in late 1996 there was demand for high quality microphones on several music related usenet newsgroups and audio collecting forums.

In late 1998, I was a new owner of a Mini Disc recorder and needed a source for a high quality stereo microphone at a competitive price.  

Stereo MD recorders could be readily purchased at almost any electronics store but the microphones were almost nonexistent and are still scarce / not available in stores.

Begining in late 1996 up until March of 2000 I had experimented with many, many different styles of construction and design of miniature microphones that can handle frequent usage and loud sonic situations. 

During this period had I searched through every electronics store and ordered from every parts catalog that I could get my hands on to find the best high quality and most durable components suitable for high fidelity miniature microphone applications. 

As a result I developed this process of building my own brand of very durable, high quality microphones.

Only when satisfied with the results and the high standards that I had set for Giant Squid mics I opened this website.


Always looking for improvements to Giant Squid Mics I am constantly seeking sources for new parts and attempting to develop improved methods and design configurations to make Giant Squid Microphones the best made and sounding on the Net in their price range.

Some parts in a couple of Giant Squid units were found in small, obscure industrial parts catalogs and have to be special ordered from an overseas distributor.  These kind of high end parts give the edge of durability and quality to Giant Squid products.

In its history Giant Squid Audio Lab Microphones have been purchased by satisfied customers in fields ranging from professional Radio Broadcast Reporters to dance club Disc Jockeys, from professional stage musicians to missionaries, and from DAT and Mini Disc audio collecting hobbyists to computer notebook owners. 

Giant Squid Audio Lab has also provided microphone technical advise and design recommendations to Sasquach (also known as Bigfoot) researchers who monitor a densely forested section in the mountains of Tennessee.