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Cardioid Stereo Microphone Specifications

There is a 12 Month Warranty on these mics.
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Cardioid Stereo Microphone $75 US
each is still hand assembled by Giant Squid. Allow 7 days to ship.

Neutrik NTP3RC-B right angled plugs Add One Neutrik Right Angled Gold Plug to My Mic! $6 US


  • Hand made.
  • 100 - 12,000 Hz frequency response.
  • Sensitivity rated at -51 decibels +4 decibels.
  • Low sound to noise ratio > 58 dB.
  • 6 foot lengths of Miniature Balanced Musical Instrument Cable.
  • Handcrafted brass mic element casing with solid steel clip.

Microphone Elements and Clips
These Cardioid Stereo Microphones use electret condenser microphone cartridges.

They have a high degree of reliability under adverse shock, vibration and environmental conditions.  The capsules specifications are -51 dB +4dbB of sensitivity and have a 100 to 12,000 hz frequency range.

These are Unidirectional Cardioid Stereo microphones and will record the sound in the direction they are pointed at, opposed to our omni directional electret condensor mics which pick up most of the sound in front, the sounds to the sides and a very little of what is behind.

Excellent for recording subject matter at a longer distance or at a specific location.

The high fidelity Cardioid microphone capsule is in a handcrafted brass housing with durable steel alligator clips at the base.  The exterior features a black automotive finish.

Designed specifically for use with the “mic input” jack, also known as "plug-in power," that has voltage outputs from between 1.5 to 9 volts or with our Miniature Stereo and Mono Microphone 9 Volt Battery Power Supply.

Microphone Cable
All of our mics use the high quality cable;  Miniature Balanced Musical Instrument cable.

It was designed for professional stage and studio applications, has greater abrasion and impact resistance, extra limpness, and at the same time light weight.  A larger gage of this type and manufacturer of cable is used in the professional music industry including those who do large venue concerts.

The cable is rugged, flexible, has a long flex life and high interference and noise immunity.

It is one the best and durable cables available for this kind of microphone application anywhere.

You get two six foot lengths on this stereo mic.

Optional Neutrik NTP3RC-B right Angle Gold Plated Plug

This is a plug that is soldered to the cable, not an adapter.

These low profile Neutrik NTP3RC-B right angle plugs work well for recorders with recessed input jacks and are the best right angled gold plated plugs available anywhere, in my opinion.