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Stereo and Mono Microphone 9 Volt Battery Power Supply

Standard unit. 5 feet of cable leading to the in line jack and 5 feet of cable leading to the plug
Hand made by Giant Squid. Please allow 10 days to ship.
$75 US

Neutrik NTP3RC-B right angled plugs Add One Neutrik Right Angled Gold Plug to My Mic! $6 US

This is an optional gold plug that is soldered to the cable. Not an adapter.

There is a 12 Month Warranty on this unit.

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  • Two five foot lengths of Gepco X-Band Oxygen free copper audio cable

  • Nickel plated brass cord grip to protect cables from kinking

  • Gold plated 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) mini stereo microphone plug

  • External female 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) mini stereo microphone jack

  • Optional Neutrik Right Angled Gold Plug

Do you have a microphone and want to record using your recorder's line input?

Be it Giant Squid Mono or Stereo or the mics sold by the other guys this Stereo and Mono Microphone 9 Volt Battery Power Supply will do the job.

This Mic Power Supply lets you to use the LINE IN input on your recorder instead of MIC IN because it powers the mic elements with 9 volts.

Why plug mics in the line input?  Most mic inputs on portable recorders have noisy pre amps which in some cases add distortion.  Use this in the line jack and you will get less disortion.

A mic and battery box plugged into line is recommended by experienced loud music tapers for clarity in high SPL enviroments.

You also can gain more dynamic range depending on what type of mic you use.

Our battery boxes are made of some of the highest quality materials available.

Battery Box
The circuitry is enclosed in a durable die cast aluminum box with black finish.  Measurements are 3.63 X 1.52 X 1.07 inches.

Cables enter the unit through a nickel plated brass cord grip with a Neoprene Sealing Sleeve and a Perbunan Seal O-ring.  This crucial component prevents any damage to or separation of the cables from the microphone battery box and circuitry inside as a result of the cables being jerked or mishandled.  It also helps the cables from becoming kinked.

Strong, protective cord grip prevents damage to the circuitry and harmful kinking of cable at entry point

We use one of the highest quality cable designs available; Gepco X-Band Oxygen free copper audio cable.

The X-Band is an ultra-flexable, sonically transparent, low-noise, and durable.  Mostly used in critical studio facilities and at live music venues.

Each oxygen free conductor is insulated with a unique low k constraint, foam polypropylene dielectric that lowers the capacitance and extends the bandwidth of the cable.  Low noise and cross-talk is achieved through exacting pair twisting, 95% braid shielding, and individual pair jackets.

A larger gauge of this type and manufacturer of cable is used in the professional music industry.


Gold Plated Stereo Mini Plug

This mic has a 1/8 inch (3.5 mm)Gold Plated Stereo Mini Plug with spring bend protection.  A high quality connection and small enough to be unobstructive.

External Microphone Jack

We use an external female 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) mini stereo microphone jacks instead of internal, surface mount.

The external inline design keeps the microphone plug in place without worries of becoming disconnected during a crucial recording moment.

These external female jacks are the best quality that we have found to date.

Quality 9 volt battery connector
This is not your normal flimsy type of 9 Volt battery connector, rather, it is a rigid type that will not split or become malformed over multiple uses like the commonly available variety can do.

Please note:  Leaving a microphone connected to the power unit for long periods of time will eventually cause the battery to drain.  If disconnected from the battery box after every use the 9 Volt will last 400 to 600 hours or until it dies out from age.  It is recommended to disconnect the microphone after a recording event.

Optional Neutrik NTP3RC-B right Angle Gold Plated Plug

This is a plug that is soldered to the cable. NOT an adapter.

Neutrik NTP3RC-B professional right angle plugs keep a low profile and work with recorders with recessed input jacks.

These are the best right angled gold plated plugs available anywhere, in my opinion.