Giant Squid's Omnidirectional Mics Have A New Look!
Same Sound Quality, Different BuilD.

As of December 31, 2013 all of our cabled omni mono and podcasting stereo mics are being assembled in a plant in Pennsylvania.

They are made to our exact specifications with the usual attention to high quality.

One of the main reasons this has come to be is that it simply has been impossible for me and one helper to keep up with the demand.  And I don't trust anyone to bring in for more help.

In 2013 I've had to shut the site down three or four times, for weeks at a time, just to try to keep up with an increasing number of orders.  Whenever it seemed like I was caught up I would wake up a couple days later to find more had come in!!  I finally brought in someone to help just to make the mono omni mics.  It was a great improvement in shipping orders but I was still always two to three weeks behind.

Another reason for the factory run is that two parts that I have been using for about 12 years are now impossible to find.  The first being guns shells.  Up until early December 2013 I used them to make the mic housings until I ran out.  Due to current national politics, supplier's stock in unprimed gun shells has been non existent.  A large order I made in November, 2012 was in backorder for nearly a year until my supplier finally canceled the order.  Nobody on the internet or even eBay had them.  Unprimed gun shells were becoming almost worth their weight in gold.

Another mic part that has disappeared is the mic elements.  Panasonic deleted another group of its models early in 2013, including the ones I have been using for over a decade.  Had I not ordered 5,000 a month or two before I would have been screwed!!!

Thanks to my mic helper and consultant Tim Rooney, we were able to find a factory to assemble our omni mics to our specifications.  The new mic element that are used is an exact duplicate of the ones from Panasonic but are sonically improved.  The old Panasonics were designed for electronics such as toys and cell phones but the new duplicates lean in the musical direction.

The new omnidirectional mics feature windscreens and removable clips.

Two other changes that these new mics bring are removable clips and windscreen.  I am sure those will be welcome to everyone for many reasons.

Yet another important change is no more long waiting for your order!  The majority will be shipped within four business days!
Thank you for your business.


Darren Nemeth

President, Giant Squid Audio Lab Company.